Cannoli Boys intertwines tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of queer identity and self-discovery against the backdrop of family heritage. Entirely photographed on film, it showcases a diverse spectrum of queer men, each holding a cannolo—a tribute to the artist's familial bakery roots. Subjects bring three items symbolizing love, pleasure, and strength, enriching each photo with layers of meaning. Inspired by classical art, poses echo dramatic paintings, merging past aesthetics with contemporary context. The project delves into the artist's personal journey navigating queer identity within a traditional family business, celebrating the power of self-discovery. Cannoli Boys rejuvenates the love for film photography, embracing its deliberate process. It's a profound exploration of love, pleasure, and strength, not just within its subjects but also within the art form itself, all encompassed within the slow, intentional capture of each frame.

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